PICA’s FRINGE WORLD program celebrates Care, Confession and Community

AAR PICA FRINGE WORLD 2020Each year as part of FRINGE WORLD, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) presents a bespoke program for the adventurous. In 2020, PICA presents four Western Australian artists in four new works across a colourful spectrum ranging from the gentle to the outrageous.

Dust off your party shoes and share a queer kiss at Janet Carter’s Transmission. Pick up a pen and make a personalised set of sign cards at Jen Jamieson’s This is not personal. Listen closely to non-binary stories of confession at Daley King’s Lipstuck and slip on your six-inch heels and strut into feminist truth-telling at Jacinta Larcombe’s Slutdrop.

In each work, the artists invite audiences to take a personal journey, carefully crafted with them in mind, to share stories, knowledge and experiences. Under a safe and inclusive banner, these artists explore identity and multiplicities of gender and sexuality.

“We are very proud to support independent Western Australian artists to create work with our creative and financially supportive presentation model during FRINGE WORLD,” said PICA Director Amy Barrett-Lennard. “Opening our doors as a place for artists, audiences and communities, PICA will celebrate forms of care, confession and community as it transforms into a therapeutic workshop, queer party, live lipstick apothecary and night club.”

Wrapped as a love letter to ourselves, each other and our communities, don’t miss these four personal journeys at PICA – Perth Cultural Centre, 51 James Street, Northbridge this Fringe season. For more information, visit: www.pica.org.au for details.

Image: PICA FRINGE WORLD 2020 – photo by Nicolee Fox

This is not personal
Continues to 1 February 2020
Have you ever been asked R U OK and didn’t know how to respond? In this small group workshop performance, the audience of six creates a personalised set of sign-cards to assist in times of difficulty. Pairing personal reflection with social interaction and design aesthetics with the hand-made, this inviting new work fosters new ways of well-being in talking about mental health. Created and Performed by Jen Jamieson Dramaturg: Moya Thomas

18 & 25 January 2020
Transmission is a place to explore queer desire and culture in the guise of a fabulous town hall meeting and queer party. A counter-response to loss and the failure to transmit, with reference to the AIDS epidemic and the generational loss of the 80s and 90s, this work recognises the potential of each human body to be a transmitter of knowledge and history. Share in stories, music and alternative acts of body to body transmission as definitions of biology, family and normality are dismantled. Created and Performed by Janet Carter with special guests

28 January – 1 February 2020
Experience an intimate queer kaleidoscope, fusing live alchemy, participatory performance, and verbatim storytelling. Eclectic experimental artist Daley King lays bare the stories behind the lip shade, sharing the engrossing anecdotes and fascinating insights of a diverse community of humans. Vividly dissecting the zeitgeist of lipstick, Lipstuck examines its history as both a tool of body politics and a weapon of oppression. A bright rainbow light in a black and white world, Lipstuck fights back against the binary and the systems that determine how you live your body and your life. An original concept developed at PICA as part of KISS club 2019. World Premiere! Created and Performed by Daley King Dramaturg: Ivan Karlsson

4 – 7 February 2020
Slutdrop is a personal performance-documentary from an ex-stripper; a strut in six-inch heels through movies, music and the media’s portrayal of what it means to work in the sex industry. Peer behind the curtains in this story full of semiotics, shots, tidbits and tits. An original concept developed at PICA as part of KISS club 2019. World Premiere! Created and Performed by Jacinta Larcombe Director/Dramaturg: Moya Thomas Producer: Zoe Hollyoak