New dates announced for GATSBY at The Green Light

SOH-GATSBY-at-The-Green-Light-photo-by-Prudence-UptonDue to high demand, the season for GATSBY at The Green Light has been extended, and will now close on 24 March 2024.

Experience a sparkling world inspired by Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby, where the parties of the 1920s meet with the 2020s. Get ready to be outrageously entertained through the prism of cabaret, variety, and contemporary music.

Take your seat at The Green Light, the hottest club in town – owned by none other than the great Gatsby himself. It’s an electrifying establishment radiating extravagance, vitality and abandon, built in the pursuit of love.

Sip on a delightfully infused gin-martini as you find yourself captivated by extraordinary aerial displays, toe-tapping jazz melodies, awe-inspiring vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and resplendent costumes. These ageless vaudeville acts have been reimagined to cast a spell over the ultimate Summer soirée.

Ebony Bott, Head of Contemporary Performance at Sydney Opera House, shared her thoughts about the world-premiere show: The Great Gatsby is a timeless title that has many parallels to our modern world. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel is set during the “roaring twenties”, a time when culture and technology were evolving rapidly. A fairly familiar environment to the world we live in today,” said Ebony.

“One of the enduring elements of the novel – that has transcended the ages – is the image of the excessive parties thrown by Jay Gatsby. Our goal for GATSBY was to capture that abundance and revelry inside the Opera House, by creating a space for all of us to escape and indulge for an evening.”

“In The Green Light, you’ll witness vaudeville acts from the 1920s that still entrance us today – tapping, juggling, fire breathing, burlesque, and masterful aerial – sound-tracked with bold contemporary music and the striking vocals of Odette.”

“Taking inspiration from the rich aesthetic of the novel, we’ve reimagined Gatsby’s world as a concept album and reflected it through a contemporary lens. Moving beyond the narrative of the novel, we travel through time and space, anchored by the enduring love that Gatsby holds for Daisy.”

“A love that has captured imaginations for generations. This show is an ode to that grand story, carrying us through moments of obsession, desire, tenderness, and sensuality,” said Ebony.

GATSBY stands as an innovative creation by the same masterminds behind the acclaimed L’Hotel, guided by director Craig Ilott, renowned for the spectacular rendition of Amadeus in 2022 and the disco-infused sensation, Velvet Rewired in 2023.

Come for the meticulously crafted cocktails, delectable party bites, spirited crowd, unbridled revelry, iconic fashion, and of course, the sensational spectacle. Dress to impress your host.

GATSBY at The Green Light
Studio – Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney
Season continues to 24 March 2024
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Image: GATSBY at The Green Light – photo by Prudence Upton