Investing to improve cultural and social outcomes for Australian LGBTIQ communities

VIC Pride Centre Mim BartlettThe Victorian Pride Centre Ltd has launched an innovative approach to fundraising. The Founders of the Victorian Pride Centre Fund (Founders Fund) has been established to raise vital funds required to create a safe permanent home for LGBTIQ communities at the Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) in St Kilda. It will provide an opportunity for our community, regardless of sexuality or gender, to invest in the bricks and mortar of the Pride Centre.

The Founders Fund is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sophisticated investors to make a very personal contribution to building a more inclusive and fairer Australia – both now and for generations to come. The Founders Fund will raise a much needed additional $5 Million+ to the fundraising total and provide the funds at the time they are most needed.

VCP Chair, Jude Munro AO, invites you to join her, and other VPC Board members to “celebrate and build upon our achievements together, as a whole community” by becoming a Founding member of the Pride Centre. Jude believes that “it is only with all of our combined support that we can show that Australia is a place that truly values diversity, inclusion and equality.”

The Founders Fund forms a pivotal part of the Victorian Pride Centre’s fundraising strategy that recognises and values every contribution. This is your opportunity to play a part in creating history through the realisation of Australia’s first Pride Centre.

Through the Marriage Equality debate we have seen that our nation is at its strongest and best when we stand together to embrace diversity. The Founders Fund provides a ground breaking opportunity for Australians to invest in building pride in Australia.

Melbourne mother Mim Bartlett is making a financial contribution to the Pride Centre because she believes “we should all care about the way others are treated. We are all part of a shared humanity.” Mim has “three beautiful boys and one of them is gay. I’ve had the privilege, through him coming out, of getting to know the LGBTIQ community. For so long, the community hasn’t had the safe space that this opportunity will create.” Mim hopes that as many people as possible support this incredible landmark legacy.

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Image: Mim Bartlett – courtesy of the Victorian Pride Centre