In the Ghetto

CAT-In-the-Ghetto-Joel-Beling-Andrew-Vagg-and-Kym-Davies-photo-by-Josh-LeeA passionate love story in a chaotic landscape of ribald antics, fear and wild aspiration, Cracked Actors Theatre presents In the Ghetto by James May, as part of the 2023 Midsumma Festival until 12 February.

In the Ghetto is a loaded contemporary queer drama. Two misfits living in Melbourne’s ‘Gay Ghetto’ Prahran in the noughties. Their volatile relationship is punctuated with bitchy back-biting, financial stress, and addiction.

Jet wants a stable home for their ‘imaginary daughter.’ Quiver is a macho larrikin who flirts with the drug trade. Outrageous humour, diagnoses and action unravel in a shuddering climax.

2023 marks 50 years since the Australian Parliament brought a motion that “in the opinion of this House homosexual acts… should not be subject to the criminal law.”

Cracked Actors Theatre (CAT) held a writing competition at the 2022 Midsumma Festival, 50 Years: Queers & Pioneers, to pick a play that brought the Zeitgeist of the movement today into context for this year’s Midsumma Festival.

James May’s play was selected because as well as encapsulating the fighting spirit of those pioneers of the early movement it demonstrates that the struggle continues, and that activism is as essential as ever to ensure a future free of prejudice.

He unflinchingly addresses the ‘elephants in the room’ facing society today like the fact that there is still no HIV vaccine or cure (he has lived with HIV for many years) and that the scourge of meth addiction along with partner violence is not equitably addressed across disparate communities.

Director: Colin Morley | Featuring: Joel Beling, Kym Davies, Richard Pengelly, Andrew Vagg | Production Design: Sarah Yeung | Lighting Design: David Silvester

In the Ghetto
Cracked Actors Theatre – Power House on the Lake, 34 Lakeside Drive, Albert Park
Season continues to 12 February 2023
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Image: Joel Beling, Andrew Vagg and Kym Davies – photo by Joshua Lee