Human Rights Watchdog shames Australia over Marriage Discrimination

Hands RainbowA global human rights report has listed the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage as one of Australia’s human rights failings.

The 2015 Human Rights Watch global report slams Australia’s human rights record, citing discrimination in marriage alongside intrusive counter-terrorism laws, and the treatment of asylum seekers and indigenous people.

“The Human Rights Watch report is a timely reminder that the world is concerned about the issue of marriage equality in Australia and that we are falling further behind on the issue every day,” says Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome.

“With marriage equality already achieved in most comparable countries, and likely soon in Alabama and Ireland, Australia will be isolated among western nations unless we act quickly.”

“We renew our call for Tony Abbott to allow a free vote on marriage equality so the reform has a fighting chance in federal parliament.”

According to the 2015 Human Rights Watch report: “Despite increasing public support for same-sex marriage in Australia, marriage remains restricted to heterosexual relationships in accordance with the federal Marriage Act.”

For more information, including the relevant section of the HRW report, click here.