How to Shave

How to Shave Han ArbuthnottThe transmasculine experience is hilariously examined in this debut solo hour of stand-up comedy, Han Arbuthnott presents How to Shave at the Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, as part of the 2024 Adelaide Fringe, from 11 March.

Boy band talent scouts read on; 25-year-old transmasculine comedian and teenage boy, Han Arbuthnott is the heartthrob you’ve been looking for. Equal parts self-love and silliness, their debut comedy show is packed with far more than just the art of facial hair removal.

Hardcore enough to experience puberty twice (puberty part twoberty, if you will) and have an elective double mastectomy, yet not above broadcasting every gooey detail, Han is here to deliver a playful and earnest telling of their gender story, bringing their charming style and absurd analyses along for the ride.

“But you don’t have to be gender funky yourself to connect with this show,” explains Han. “How to Shave approaches the sometimes-confusing, sometimes-controversial topic of gender with warmth and joy, providing a cozy, relatable, and gently informing experience no matter who you are.”

Han invites you to come along with them on a journey of loving yourself and becoming the dreamboat you always deserved to be.

Since opening for Hannah Gadsby’s Body of Work and Banana Palace shows, and completing a hugely sold-out season at MICF 2023, Han is ready to bring their debut solo hour to the Adelaide Fringe Festival and show you why they are so beloved in the local scene… even if you don’t pick up any actual shaving tips.

How to Shave
Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, 55 Frome St, Adelaide
Season: 11 – 17 March 2024
Information and Bookings:

Image: Han Arbuthnott (supplied)