Chris Demos: Legs in the Pool


Preparing to make a splash at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, comedian Chris Demos is finally ready to get wet as he presents his debut show, Legs in the Pool, at Tasma Terrace: 27 March – 7 April 2024.

What does Legs in the Pool mean? You know when you’re at a pool but you don’t have your bathers so you just dip your legs in? Maybe the pool is a metaphor for the idea of never being ready and constantly waiting.

Waiting to get a job, waiting to move out, waiting to come out, waiting to admit that the only thing you want to drink year-round is iced lattes (same as coming out).

It’s about growing up with one leg in the closet and the other in the pool (Amusing for someone with no flexibility). Legs in the Pool features story-based stand-up and sketches highlighting the brilliant but useless skills honed over years of hovering poolside waiting to dive in.

On the show, Chris says “It’s like a trip to Mykonos for people who are scared of flying.”

A former Victorian RAW Comedy State Finalist, Chris has been seen at Comedy Republic, Pride Comedy and the Harold Holt (the pool not the prime minister).

Chris Demos: Legs in the Pool
Tasma Terrace, 4-7 Parliament Place, East Melbourne
Season: 27 March – 7 April 2024
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Image: Chris Demos presents Legs in the Pool (supplied)