Blood on the Dance Floor

Arts House Blood on the Dance Floor Jacob Boehme photo by Dorine BlaiseAn unapologetic, passionate and visceral narrative that traverses time, space and characters, Blood on the Dance Floor explores the legacies and memories of bloodlines, the need for community and what blood actually means – it questions how this most precious fluid unites and divides us.

Paying homage to his ancestor’s ceremonies and reaching out to them in search of answers, Jacob Boehme humoursly intersperses his personal experiences as a gay man with his positive diagnosis of HIV throughout the narrative of Blood on the Dance Floor.

Through a powerful blend of theatre, image, text and choreography, Blood on the Dance Floor is a multidisciplinary autobiographical experiment where Boehme dissects the politics of gay, Blak and poz identities.

A story about the desire to love and be loved, Blood on the Dance Floor is a striking and entertaining monologue that reveals secret identities and the deepest fears – it’s seeking to invoke ancestral lineage in a contemporary quest for courage and hope.

Boehme is a choreographer, dancer and writer from the Narangga and Kaurna nations of South Australia, and earlier this year was announced as the Creative Director of the Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival.

Writer & Performer: Jacob Boehme Director: Isaac Drandic Choreographer: Mariaa Randall Movement Consultant: Rinske Ginsberg Dramaturge: Chris Mead Video Artist: Keith Deverell Sound Designer:James Henry Spatial Designer: Jenny Hector

Blood on the Dance Floor
Arts House – North Melbourne Town Hall, 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne
Season: 1 – 5 June 2016
Bookings: (03) 9322 3713 or online at:

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Image: Jacob Boehme – photo by Dorine Blaise