aussieBum supporting Marriage Equality

AME_aussieBum_editorial mainAustralian Marriage Equality (AME) has launched an exciting partnership with leading Australian brand aussieBum, producing a special Equality range of underwear – with 100% of the profits going towards some imminent campaign projects!

“Stand and be counted!” says the aussieBum website. “That’s the message loud and clear with Equality – the latest hipsters and long legged underwear from aussieBum. With ultra comfort and form hugging style, Equality makes a bold statement.” Be true to your values with Equality the latest from the style gurus at aussieBum.”

The support of regular Australians joining #TeamEqual, along with companies like aussieBum is critical to our success,” says Deputy Director of Australian Marriage Equality, Ivan Hinton-Teoh. “It is increasingly likely that marriage equality will be raised in parliament in 2015 and it is vital that the campaign is ready for the challenges that lay ahead.”

“The campaign is set to go into overdrive and, while our entire team volunteers their time, it’s imperative that we’re prepared. Organisations opposed to marriage equality recently commenced a large scale fundraising campaign to counter recent progress.”

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: courtesy of aussieBum